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I absolutely love your snakes, they have changed my life forever, thank you for all the inspirational art,

sincereley gregory utley

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Angel Snakes

  • Angel Snakes are small snake-like creatures with wings. They fly. They crawl. They talk. With their tufted tails, they paint and write. They question, inspire, and encourage others to create beautiful things. They get into trouble. And battle the Lizards.

Angel Snake Houses by GAY POGUE

  • Old Coot's Cabin
    Gay Pogue has created fiber paintings of some of the houses inhabited by her Angel Snake friends. Enjoy them and their stories.

Poem Quilts by GAY POGUE

  • Whichever Way Quilt
    POEM QUILTS by GAY POGUE -- These art quilts combine words, sayings, poems, or scriptures with color and pattern to be a focus for meditation.

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